Ari Millen (aka creepy prolethean Mark from Orphan Black) getting distracted by a floating dandelion seed while in the middle of an interview

          ” I could cry thinking about her. She’s so amazing. She memorizes all of the lines, all of my blocking, all of her blocking, my mannerisms, my impulses; she, somehow, memorizes all of that and gives it back to me with a performance I can play off of.”

Tatiana Maslany about Kathryn Alexandre, her Orphan Black clone double

Orphan Black, the show where the scariest character is a soccer mom and the cutest one is a religious extremist sociopath & serial killer.

“We start shooting again in october.”
- Tatiana Maslany on Season 3 (x)

You won the experiment. You won science. You’re a scientist now.

While DYAD carried female clones to term, the military faction carried the males.